Got My Eyebrow Game On ;)

I don’t know about you, but if I could only choose one makeup item that I absolutely cannot live without–it has to be my brow product(s). They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, but your eyebrows are the frames to those windows! You gotta get those frames lookin’ good ya know?

However, if you have naturally thick brows like Cara Delevingne’s….woah gurl you’re set for life (haha jk).  You won’t even need brow makeup! Lucky you! But unlucky for me, I’m not blessed with much brow hair–my brows are sparse af I look like a total different person before and after putting on brow makeup! They make such a difference to my face– my enhanced brows make me feel empowered and ready to take on each day. I know I might sound like I’m exaggerating here but I’m not kidding you! It’s true 🙂

So to get my brows on fleek at all times, here are the holy grail products that I use and have been there for me through thick and thin (quite literally):


In no particular order:

1    .Benefit Ka-Brow Gel


I have been using this almost everyday because it is so easy to use and gives great pigment that looks natural! This shade is perfect for my dark hair and when drawn on my brows look like they were naturally blessed, no kidding! It lasts on me all day throughout the humid weather (it’s really good considering my oily skin) with the slightest slightest fading. This is great for everyday use, would recommend it 100%! ❤

2 . Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow


I turn to this whenever I am going out to a place where I know I’ll get wet or really sweaty (like when I go for table tennis training sessions). Because this thing is really waterproof! Like they really mean it! Whenever I squeeze it on the back of my hand, the leftover does not budge at all! And that’s when I know it’s not gonna fail me and my brow is gonna stay on fleek all day. P.S do take note that a little goes a long way for this one! And it does take some tries to get used to it! As the saying goes…practice makes perfect~~~

3  .Anastasia Brow Brush #12


I use this to apply the Aqua Brow….and lemme tell you…I ❤ it! It really helps a lot with the application, especially the spoolie. It helps to make the pigment look more natural and blend in with my real brow hair. And when I’ve applied too much onto my brows, this helps to soften the look and help me look less cray (like as if I’ve used Sharpie on my brows..not a good look I tell ya) In short, I can’t live without this! ❤ ❤

4 .Benefit Gimme Brow


I know there’s a newer packaging for this but I haven’t gotten round to getting it since I bought the Benefit Ka-Brow Gel. This is the second tube that I’ve used, because it’s that good. The small brush really helps to comb through my brows and brush them in the right direction, and the hair fibres inside it really make a difference! But do be careful not to apply to much onto your brows! Scrape away some pigment at the side of the tube before you apply it directly to your brows!

5 .Bobbi Brown Longwearing Brow Pencil


It’s easy to use, pigment is really natural-looking…there’s nothing bad to say about it really. Just that it would be better if it lived up to its waterproof claims, but it is really longwearing…so who am I to complain? The spoolie and the precise shape of the pencil makes it really handy to use when on-the-go– this is my go-to when I’m late and rushing to head out the door. It’s fuss-free and makes really precise strokes on the brow…just wonderful..what more can I say? This will be great for beginners. ❤ This was the first product I tried on my brows too!

6. Catrice Eyebrow Lifter


This is really just an add-on bonus if you have the time. This is a really inexpensive highlighter for under my brows to help my brows pop more and look much more defined! Nothing bad about this really, it’s just really easy and great to use on days I want my brows to look extra on-fleek!

So these are my holy grail items, so that my brows are ready for any occasion! Although most of them are rather expensive, they’re really great quality and really make a huge difference for me…so it’s personally worth the splurge. I don’t think there are any drugstore dupes which are as impressive whadya think?

In any case, I’ve got my eyebrow game on, what about you?





Taste Test Adventures #1

Hola guys! Welcome to the first installment of my Taste Test Adventures! Woo Hoo!! So basically this series serves to showcase the different wacky food “experiments” that I’ve tried and tested, whether good or bad I share them with you! If it’s good, then you should try it too! If it’s bad, don’t ever try it cos I just know it’s gonna be a bad idea. XD 

Thus, lemme me be your “guinea pig” as I help you find out what’s worth a shot and what’s not! Here we go! 

What I’m trying out today is…….. Grape-Infused Water! So basically how I had this idea to try this was because I was bored and procrastinating from school work (aren’t I always?)…I wanted to be healthy and drink lemon-infused water but I had no lemons at home 😦 There were only grapes in the fridge…and now you know how I thought of this!


This pic is not really clear but you could see the red grapes at the bottom. Look out for the close-up later 🙂 P.S I’m digging this new tumbler I got, doesn’t it look so cute to drink with?

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen such combination before (much less tried it), so the idea of that intrigues me 100%. I know there’s lemon-infused water, but Grapes? :O

And it’s also partly because I just do not like the taste of plain water by itself 😦 (I’m weird, I know, I know), so wouldn’t it be great to find a cooler way to encourage myself to drink water (since we supposedly need to drink 8 glasses of water a day or sth idk)?

So, on to the drink… It was really easy to prepare, I just cut up some seedless red grapes (you could use green ones too it would probably taste the same but I only had red ones on hand so yea) and added it into a cup of ice water. Mix the drink and let it sit for a while for the grape juice to be infused into the water….and tada! It’s done! Easy-peasy 🙂


So this is what the final product looks like! Smells really fruity too! If only you could smell it on your device too…if only there was such a technology….hmmm

My final verdict:

It’s wonderfullllllllllll!!!!!!! 😀 (you could tell from my typing huh) The water tastes legit like grapes–it’s like grape juice but a less sweet version (because I didn’t squash my grapes but you could if you wanted a stronger flavor). It makes me feel like drinking lots and lots more of this, which my body wouldn’t disagree of course! There’s water for hydration, the grapes (which I ate after I finished the drink) are packed with so much nutrients like Vitamin C….I mean what’s not to like right? Oh and it’s really nice and cooling to drink in the summer too! I loved it! ❤


Flavour: 4/5 (It would probably taste stronger if I mash the grapes but I was lazy)

Taste-Test Success? Absolutely yes! I would definitely make this drink again and again and again. I mean it wouldn’t hurt right 😉

This drink kinda tastes different from the lemon-infused water. While the lemon gives the water a zesty, refreshing kick (I’m bad with words pardon my lack of description haha), the grapes give a more fruity flavor–the taste not as sharp as lemon but refreshing nonetheless. If you don’t like the zesty kick of lemon, you should try using grapes instead! It might just change your life……no biggie! (cos it has changed mine I’m gonna be so healthy sipping this drink all day all night hehe)

Till next time! Ciao!



It’s Time for a Snack!

The snack of choice today is…drumrolls please…….

Doritos Spicy Nachos Chips!!! Mhmm doesn’t the packaging just look so enticing? So I saw this at the supermarket and just had to pick this up. Cos I love spicy food, and I’ve tried the nachos flavor before (it was awesome), so what’s better when I can combine both elements in my chips? OF COURSE I had to get this then!

I like how the front packaging is so appealing to the senses:

“Chips are enlarged to show texture” HAHA is that good marketing or what

To be honest when I saw this I was immediately reminded of Cheetos Flamin Hot flavor. I tried it and it became my chips holy grail no kidding haha. The Flamin Hot was spicy (for real) and cheesy–it was heaven for my mouth! But sadly those spicy Cheetos are not available where I am, so I can only get them when I’m in the US. 😦 So I saw this and I was like Hallelujah! Perhaps this could be a ‘dupe’ for the Flamin Hot? I was so excited to try it!


Doesn’t this Cheetos look so so so glorious? 😉 Could the Doritos really be a dupe?

So here’s my verdict:

It’s not a dupe for sure. While this packet of chips was a cheesy goodness (like the original nachos flavor), this just didn’t do it for me. The packaging said it was supposed to be spicy, but it wasn’t…at matter how many chips I ate!


Though the spices on the chips really look like they could be really spicy, right?

Bummer… Guess I’m still on the hunt for spicy yet cheesy chips that can substitute the Flamin Hot when I run out of it! If any of you have any recommendations, do tell me! I would like to try it out too!

Final Review:

Price: 4/5 (about SGD $4.60, average price for a Doritos chips here)

Chips: 5/5 (usual Doritos tortilla chips quality-superb)

Cheesiness: 5/5 (similar to nachos flavor, because its spicy nachos flavor duh HAHA)

Spiciness: 0.5/5

Crunchiness: 5/5

Overall: 2.5/5 (The chips taste delicious no doubt, but the ‘spicy’ part as written wasn’t really true. Tastes like normal nachos to me. If I didn’t know what flavor this was supposed to be, I would think it was nachos)

Would I buy it again? Not really, I would get the Nachos flavor instead since they don’t make much of a difference. But if I bought this with the expectation that it was not meant to be spicy I would still be ok purchasing it I guess…

SO….whadya think? Does this chips live up to it’s name? Or did I just got a pack that was “faulty”?

Until next time….Ciao!


Jo 🙂