It’s Time for a Snack!

The snack of choice today is…drumrolls please…….

Doritos Spicy Nachos Chips!!! Mhmm doesn’t the packaging just look so enticing? So I saw this at the supermarket and just had to pick this up. Cos I love spicy food, and I’ve tried the nachos flavor before (it was awesome), so what’s better when I can combine both elements in my chips? OF COURSE I had to get this then!

I like how the front packaging is so appealing to the senses:

“Chips are enlarged to show texture” HAHA is that good marketing or what

To be honest when I saw this I was immediately reminded of Cheetos Flamin Hot flavor. I tried it and it became my chips holy grail no kidding haha. The Flamin Hot was spicy (for real) and cheesy–it was heaven for my mouth! But sadly those spicy Cheetos are not available where I am, so I can only get them when I’m in the US. 😦 So I saw this and I was like Hallelujah! Perhaps this could be a ‘dupe’ for the Flamin Hot? I was so excited to try it!


Doesn’t this Cheetos look so so so glorious? 😉 Could the Doritos really be a dupe?

So here’s my verdict:

It’s not a dupe for sure. While this packet of chips was a cheesy goodness (like the original nachos flavor), this just didn’t do it for me. The packaging said it was supposed to be spicy, but it wasn’t…at matter how many chips I ate!


Though the spices on the chips really look like they could be really spicy, right?

Bummer… Guess I’m still on the hunt for spicy yet cheesy chips that can substitute the Flamin Hot when I run out of it! If any of you have any recommendations, do tell me! I would like to try it out too!

Final Review:

Price: 4/5 (about SGD $4.60, average price for a Doritos chips here)

Chips: 5/5 (usual Doritos tortilla chips quality-superb)

Cheesiness: 5/5 (similar to nachos flavor, because its spicy nachos flavor duh HAHA)

Spiciness: 0.5/5

Crunchiness: 5/5

Overall: 2.5/5 (The chips taste delicious no doubt, but the ‘spicy’ part as written wasn’t really true. Tastes like normal nachos to me. If I didn’t know what flavor this was supposed to be, I would think it was nachos)

Would I buy it again? Not really, I would get the Nachos flavor instead since they don’t make much of a difference. But if I bought this with the expectation that it was not meant to be spicy I would still be ok purchasing it I guess…

SO….whadya think? Does this chips live up to it’s name? Or did I just got a pack that was “faulty”?

Until next time….Ciao!


Jo 🙂


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