“It’s learning to dance in the rain”

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s learning to Dance in the Rain

This was and still is my life motto. I always look back to this quote whenever I am having a bad day, going through hard times etc. When faced with challenges that seemed impossible to overcome, I always told myself to ‘dance in the rain’, to brave through the difficult times I am going through, to embrace the challenges in my way.

However, as each day goes by, as the clock continues ticking, I feel like I can’t do it anymore. I can’t act like my life isn’t a mess anymore, I feel like giving it all up. My dreams. My aspirations. My hard work. All of it. I know there are people out there who are suffering much more than me, I know I should be grateful to have a beautiful house to live in, to have such wonderful education. I’m appreciative, but sometimes I just feel like it’s too overwhelming. Too many things in my way. Just that few more steps, just 6 more months and it will be over. But I feel like I won’t be able to get through these next 6 months.

These next 6 months are so unpredictable, anything could happen. I could have woken up from my state of distress, brushed my knees off from the fall and continue with my efforts. I could have wasted all my past 5 years of effort down the drain. I could have my heart broken. So many possibilities.

They say what happens next depends on what you do. But I don’t feel the motivation to do what I was set out to do. All these self-expectations, all my high ambitions, they’re suffocating. If only they didn’t matter, wouldn’t life be so much easier? Only for the short term. In the long term, the consequences are scary. So I’m doing all that I’m doing right now, to prevent those scary consequences?

I know what I want in life, but so many things in the way are throwing me off course. Should I just let myself be swayed by the strong sweep of wind, or should I try my hardest to stay in my intended path? Right now, it just seems so much easier to be taken away by the wind. I’m not sure I want to dance in the rain anymore, but will the storm ever pass?


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Minions Are Back!!!

So… it all started with the video ad I saw on YouTube… It was advertising the newly introduced banana cone and the whole other range of minion-inspired food! I got so excited after that–it’s banana!! My favourite fruit!! Of course I would want to try it out ASAP!!! 😍😍 

So here’s the food I tried!

There’s minion potatoes, spicy chicken McNuggets, banana cone and banana pie!! I bought the whole set for $7.80 as a ‘fun feast’. 

The packaging for all these aesthetically pleasing, and I’ll admit I bought the whole set partly because I love minions and the packaging was cute 🙊😂. But… the food didn’t disappoint!! 

The nugget was nice and spicy 🌶, not overly spicy that it covers the taste of the nuggets but not too mild either. The spiciness is just right, with enough ‘kick’ in it, making me want more! 

Spicy nuggets+curry sauce=perfect 

Next up, I tried the minion potatos which I thought looked really cute in the minion shapes. 😻

However, I felt that the taste wasn’t Super amazing or anything, it just tasted like any othe similar potato snack that usually comes in kids meals. But I guess it’ll be great for little kids, with the fun looking (edible) minions  🙂 

Finally, for dessert, I had the banana cone and banana pie!! BANANA HEAVEN!! 🍌 🍌❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ (banana lovers out there, amirite? 😜) 

Firstly, can we talk about the wrapper around the cone? How stinking cute it that? (I know, I know, I’ve said ‘cute’ a bajillion times already, but when it’s cute you just gotta give it credit) 

On to the taste, the banana flavour–oh Gosh– can we just take a moment—the flavour is so rich and wonderful and oh my, if only this isn’t just available for a limited time!! You bet ya I’m gonna buy this as many times as I can before they stop selling it!!

Last but not least, there’s the banana pie:

Again, what else is there to say except that this is a whole lot of banana goodness? The banana pie had been introduced a few times before, so this is not the first time I’m trying this. But every time they start introducing these, I’ll make sure to buy it because it’s 🍌. Period. It’s that good. You’ve got to try it to believe it. 

So if banana is your gem, you’ve got to check out this new Minions range before they stop selling it!! I’ve yet to try the banana mcflurry (I wonder how banana and Oreos go together), but I’m gonna try it another time for sure! My favourite has surely got to be the banana cone 😍 With such a ☀️ and humid summer here, a banana ice cream 🍦 makes me feel so much better despite the stickiness of sweat tricking down my face! So go grab one today!!! 

I hope I got you hungry 😋 till next time! Ciao!


Beginner’s Haul for Pretty Notes

So… I know I’m late on the train for the whole bullet journal-ing trend, but better late than never right?

After watching countless ‘Study with Me’ and ‘Plan my Bullet Journal With Me’ videos on YouTube, I got super inspired to write super pretty and artsy notes for school as well! And then that got me to search up ‘Calligraphy’ on YouTube because damn girl, my notes will look 60000% more appealing to read with those beautiful cursive headings!

So, after much researching online, I found out that the Tombow Brush Pens are like the holy grail for calligraphy, so I thought ‘why not get a few of those to try out?’ Plus, the colours are soooooo sooooo prettyyyy! I was internally screaming when I got into the store and saw the whole range!

Aside from the super hyped-up Tombow pens (which were honestly rather pricey but I digress), I also got some Zig Clean Colour markers–which I have not heard much of in the YouTube community–but the colour range is amazing as well! I got them because I thought they would be the perfect tools that I could use to underline key points. Way to brighten up my notes!

Ooh, and I also bought a pastel-coloured frixion pen because again, the colour is so up my alley!

And finally, I bought 2 more colours from the Uniball Gel Signo 0.38 collection, because I just lurvvvvv this pen!!! This is my go-to pen that I reach out for the most, and it’s so good—I wonder why this range of pens is not raved enough! This 0.38 tip is similar to the much hyped-about pens from Muji that all bullet journallers love, and it’s much cheaper too! I’ll say give it a try before you spend all that money on Muji pens haha 😛


So..that’s the end of my beginner’s stationery haul and I hope you liked it! Till next time!