Hi! I’m Jo, and my family calls me Jojo. Nice to ‘meet’ you 🙂 Here’s more about me:

-I’m 19 (nearing adulthood soon and it kinda scares me ahhh)

-I’m a student, so that means I’m still schooling duh haha

-I play the piano (and my piano teacher scares me kinda *shhh she can’t know about that*)

-I aspire to be a a doctor (*but it’s so incredibly hard to get into medical school sigh*)–> if anyone is a doctor/ medical student plssss share some tips, pretty please? 🙂

-I love to play table tennis

-I love food (Psst I’m always hungry)

-I love Chick Flicks and I’m a hopeless romantic, yet I’m aware that the movies and books I read are sooo far from reality sigh..

-I love makeup but I’m too lazy to put it on my face HAHA (am i even making sense here XD)

-I play my favourite song of the week on repeat it annoys my sister to no end lol

So…more about what this blog will be about. Well…this will be an outlet for me to share my loves, be it in terms of food, makeup, lifestyle–anything basically! Maybe I can look back to this blog when I’m older and find out how weird I was in the past -_-||| It’ll be fun to meet new people on here too! 😀

Hope sharing more about me brings us closer 🙂