Minions Are Back!!!

So… it all started with the video ad I saw on YouTube… It was advertising the newly introduced banana cone and the whole other range of minion-inspired food! I got so excited after that–it’s banana!! My favourite fruit!! Of course I would want to try it out ASAP!!! 😍😍 

So here’s the food I tried!

There’s minion potatoes, spicy chicken McNuggets, banana cone and banana pie!! I bought the whole set for $7.80 as a ‘fun feast’. 

The packaging for all these aesthetically pleasing, and I’ll admit I bought the whole set partly because I love minions and the packaging was cute 🙊😂. But… the food didn’t disappoint!! 

The nugget was nice and spicy 🌶, not overly spicy that it covers the taste of the nuggets but not too mild either. The spiciness is just right, with enough ‘kick’ in it, making me want more! 

Spicy nuggets+curry sauce=perfect 

Next up, I tried the minion potatos which I thought looked really cute in the minion shapes. 😻

However, I felt that the taste wasn’t Super amazing or anything, it just tasted like any othe similar potato snack that usually comes in kids meals. But I guess it’ll be great for little kids, with the fun looking (edible) minions  🙂 

Finally, for dessert, I had the banana cone and banana pie!! BANANA HEAVEN!! 🍌 🍌❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ (banana lovers out there, amirite? 😜) 

Firstly, can we talk about the wrapper around the cone? How stinking cute it that? (I know, I know, I’ve said ‘cute’ a bajillion times already, but when it’s cute you just gotta give it credit) 

On to the taste, the banana flavour–oh Gosh– can we just take a moment—the flavour is so rich and wonderful and oh my, if only this isn’t just available for a limited time!! You bet ya I’m gonna buy this as many times as I can before they stop selling it!!

Last but not least, there’s the banana pie:

Again, what else is there to say except that this is a whole lot of banana goodness? The banana pie had been introduced a few times before, so this is not the first time I’m trying this. But every time they start introducing these, I’ll make sure to buy it because it’s 🍌. Period. It’s that good. You’ve got to try it to believe it. 

So if banana is your gem, you’ve got to check out this new Minions range before they stop selling it!! I’ve yet to try the banana mcflurry (I wonder how banana and Oreos go together), but I’m gonna try it another time for sure! My favourite has surely got to be the banana cone 😍 With such a ☀️ and humid summer here, a banana ice cream 🍦 makes me feel so much better despite the stickiness of sweat tricking down my face! So go grab one today!!! 

I hope I got you hungry 😋 till next time! Ciao!



Taste Test Adventures #1

Hola guys! Welcome to the first installment of my Taste Test Adventures! Woo Hoo!! So basically this series serves to showcase the different wacky food “experiments” that I’ve tried and tested, whether good or bad I share them with you! If it’s good, then you should try it too! If it’s bad, don’t ever try it cos I just know it’s gonna be a bad idea. XD 

Thus, lemme me be your “guinea pig” as I help you find out what’s worth a shot and what’s not! Here we go! 

What I’m trying out today is…….. Grape-Infused Water! So basically how I had this idea to try this was because I was bored and procrastinating from school work (aren’t I always?)…I wanted to be healthy and drink lemon-infused water but I had no lemons at home 😦 There were only grapes in the fridge…and now you know how I thought of this!


This pic is not really clear but you could see the red grapes at the bottom. Look out for the close-up later 🙂 P.S I’m digging this new tumbler I got, doesn’t it look so cute to drink with?

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen such combination before (much less tried it), so the idea of that intrigues me 100%. I know there’s lemon-infused water, but Grapes? :O

And it’s also partly because I just do not like the taste of plain water by itself 😦 (I’m weird, I know, I know), so wouldn’t it be great to find a cooler way to encourage myself to drink water (since we supposedly need to drink 8 glasses of water a day or sth idk)?

So, on to the drink… It was really easy to prepare, I just cut up some seedless red grapes (you could use green ones too it would probably taste the same but I only had red ones on hand so yea) and added it into a cup of ice water. Mix the drink and let it sit for a while for the grape juice to be infused into the water….and tada! It’s done! Easy-peasy 🙂


So this is what the final product looks like! Smells really fruity too! If only you could smell it on your device too…if only there was such a technology….hmmm

My final verdict:

It’s wonderfullllllllllll!!!!!!! 😀 (you could tell from my typing huh) The water tastes legit like grapes–it’s like grape juice but a less sweet version (because I didn’t squash my grapes but you could if you wanted a stronger flavor). It makes me feel like drinking lots and lots more of this, which my body wouldn’t disagree of course! There’s water for hydration, the grapes (which I ate after I finished the drink) are packed with so much nutrients like Vitamin C….I mean what’s not to like right? Oh and it’s really nice and cooling to drink in the summer too! I loved it! ❤


Flavour: 4/5 (It would probably taste stronger if I mash the grapes but I was lazy)

Taste-Test Success? Absolutely yes! I would definitely make this drink again and again and again. I mean it wouldn’t hurt right 😉

This drink kinda tastes different from the lemon-infused water. While the lemon gives the water a zesty, refreshing kick (I’m bad with words pardon my lack of description haha), the grapes give a more fruity flavor–the taste not as sharp as lemon but refreshing nonetheless. If you don’t like the zesty kick of lemon, you should try using grapes instead! It might just change your life……no biggie! (cos it has changed mine I’m gonna be so healthy sipping this drink all day all night hehe)

Till next time! Ciao!



It’s Time for a Snack!

The snack of choice today is…drumrolls please…….

Doritos Spicy Nachos Chips!!! Mhmm doesn’t the packaging just look so enticing? So I saw this at the supermarket and just had to pick this up. Cos I love spicy food, and I’ve tried the nachos flavor before (it was awesome), so what’s better when I can combine both elements in my chips? OF COURSE I had to get this then!

I like how the front packaging is so appealing to the senses:

“Chips are enlarged to show texture” HAHA is that good marketing or what

To be honest when I saw this I was immediately reminded of Cheetos Flamin Hot flavor. I tried it and it became my chips holy grail no kidding haha. The Flamin Hot was spicy (for real) and cheesy–it was heaven for my mouth! But sadly those spicy Cheetos are not available where I am, so I can only get them when I’m in the US. 😦 So I saw this and I was like Hallelujah! Perhaps this could be a ‘dupe’ for the Flamin Hot? I was so excited to try it!


Doesn’t this Cheetos look so so so glorious? 😉 Could the Doritos really be a dupe?

So here’s my verdict:

It’s not a dupe for sure. While this packet of chips was a cheesy goodness (like the original nachos flavor), this just didn’t do it for me. The packaging said it was supposed to be spicy, but it wasn’t…at matter how many chips I ate!


Though the spices on the chips really look like they could be really spicy, right?

Bummer… Guess I’m still on the hunt for spicy yet cheesy chips that can substitute the Flamin Hot when I run out of it! If any of you have any recommendations, do tell me! I would like to try it out too!

Final Review:

Price: 4/5 (about SGD $4.60, average price for a Doritos chips here)

Chips: 5/5 (usual Doritos tortilla chips quality-superb)

Cheesiness: 5/5 (similar to nachos flavor, because its spicy nachos flavor duh HAHA)

Spiciness: 0.5/5

Crunchiness: 5/5

Overall: 2.5/5 (The chips taste delicious no doubt, but the ‘spicy’ part as written wasn’t really true. Tastes like normal nachos to me. If I didn’t know what flavor this was supposed to be, I would think it was nachos)

Would I buy it again? Not really, I would get the Nachos flavor instead since they don’t make much of a difference. But if I bought this with the expectation that it was not meant to be spicy I would still be ok purchasing it I guess…

SO….whadya think? Does this chips live up to it’s name? Or did I just got a pack that was “faulty”?

Until next time….Ciao!


Jo 🙂