I am content. I am happy with where I am right now. If someone tells me I have only a few months left to live, these are the things I will do:

  1. Tell my family (yes, including my siblings) that I love them. Growing up in an Asian family, it’s not a common sight for us to say our ‘I love you(s)’ so casually. We like to show our love in indirect and non-obvious ways.  I want to let them know that I cherish each and every one of them, although I don’t appear so with my blank face most times. I’m not a person of many words, but I would say my ‘I love you(s)’ for the first and last time. I would show them how much I appreciate them in my life, how much they mean to me.
  2. I would travel the world, get out of my protective bubble and explore, because I know that there is so much more out of this tiny city that I live in.
  3. Spend more time doing fun things with family and friends.

Other than that, I would say that I’m pretty content with life right now. I would wish for things to stay that way and not change, but I know that it’s just wishful thinking on my part. Life goes on, with all of its ups and downs. They are inevitable. So I need to treasure how high I am right now at my ‘up’, before I reach my next inevitable ‘down’, before I’m ready to say ‘Down time, I’m ready for you’.

What about you, yes you–the one staring at the screen right now. I strongly urge you to take time–just a little will do–to stop and think, what would you change/do if you were to find out you have only a few months left on this Earth?




September Stationery Haul

So this month’s almost coming to an end, which means my A levels are creeping closer *eeeks* but I’ve got myself a *few* (not rly) items to make myself feel better during this stressful period! 

First up, I coincidentally saw this notebook on sale at a bookstore, so I had to get it. I mean-it has marble print on the cover and such an inspiring quote-could you resist? I’m intending to try my hand at bullet journaling so this book will be ideal for that purpose 🙂 

Next up, I’ve got these Crayola Super Tips which has been highly talked about on YouTube and Instagram. Apparently it’s a cheaper alternative for calligraphy without spending big bucks on the Tombow… I’m curious to see if I can really stop buying those expensive brush pens and switch to these instead! 

And finally just some school exam supplies from Muji. I want to be a member given the frequency of my visits every week but I’ve got to spend $100 in one receipt to be eligible *sobs* Oh and I’ve got to say the paper from Muji is really really soft me likeeyyyy 😬😬

These are some of the notes I’ve done with these supplies so far:

Maybe they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing, but I’m trying 😆 I still gotta work on my calligraphy tho it still needs more practice for sure! 

So that’s all for September, and I hope u enjoyed my Stationery haul! 🙂 

Till next time!! 


Update: My Progress at Learning Calligraphy So Far…

So I’ve been making good use of my Tombow Brush Pens that I bought months ago, practicising my calligraphy on my own notes for school. 

I’ve to admit that I don’t stick to one font style because there are just too many styles that I just can’t pick my favourite! has been my trusty go-to when I need font inspiration and it’s been a really useful website for beginners like me. 

So here’s how much I’ve progressed so far… there are still some errors here and there, but I would think it looks better than when I first started out for sure! 


Learning and practising calligraphy has been really fun so far, but for a beginner like me I feel like it’s quite time consuming when there’s a lot of write XD but I hope I’ll get better with time haha

That’s all for now and till next time, Ciao!!

Xoxo 💋 


Beginner’s Haul for Pretty Notes

So… I know I’m late on the train for the whole bullet journal-ing trend, but better late than never right?

After watching countless ‘Study with Me’ and ‘Plan my Bullet Journal With Me’ videos on YouTube, I got super inspired to write super pretty and artsy notes for school as well! And then that got me to search up ‘Calligraphy’ on YouTube because damn girl, my notes will look 60000% more appealing to read with those beautiful cursive headings!

So, after much researching online, I found out that the Tombow Brush Pens are like the holy grail for calligraphy, so I thought ‘why not get a few of those to try out?’ Plus, the colours are soooooo sooooo prettyyyy! I was internally screaming when I got into the store and saw the whole range!

Aside from the super hyped-up Tombow pens (which were honestly rather pricey but I digress), I also got some Zig Clean Colour markers–which I have not heard much of in the YouTube community–but the colour range is amazing as well! I got them because I thought they would be the perfect tools that I could use to underline key points. Way to brighten up my notes!

Ooh, and I also bought a pastel-coloured frixion pen because again, the colour is so up my alley!

And finally, I bought 2 more colours from the Uniball Gel Signo 0.38 collection, because I just lurvvvvv this pen!!! This is my go-to pen that I reach out for the most, and it’s so good—I wonder why this range of pens is not raved enough! This 0.38 tip is similar to the much hyped-about pens from Muji that all bullet journallers love, and it’s much cheaper too! I’ll say give it a try before you spend all that money on Muji pens haha 😛


So..that’s the end of my beginner’s stationery haul and I hope you liked it! Till next time!